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"My wife signed me up for this box and when I got it, I was totally skeptical. One of the items was a car air freshener and I was like WTF?!? But the letter told me to detail her car as a surprise and leave the air freshener hanging from the rear view! When she came home that night with her car all nice and clean she was so happy! These Good Husband guys are creative dudes." -Rob, West Jordan, UT

"When you get the box it tells you exactly what to do with each product. Mine had 5 items in it. One was one of those beard bibs from Shark Tank as a gift for me. It was perfect because my wife hates when I leave all the tiny hairs on our bathroom counter! She was pretty happy about this one.–Mike, Huntington Beach, CA

""This is legit! This box blew me away! I didn't even know some of these products existed and I absolutely love them! Btw, "The 5 Love Languages" is a book my wife has wanted me to read for years...I love that it was in my first box! Haha." –Brendan, Knoxville, TN 

I got this box because I'm always way too busy to remember to do "romantic" stuff for my wife. I want to do it but I don't have time. I figured this box was worth a shot and its pretty freakin' cool. It gave us some of those Kisstixx chap sticks. I'm not going to lie...it turned into a pretty good night if you know what I mean;-)" –Steve, Washington DC

"After almost 38 years of marriage, It is hard to come up with new ways to romance and impress my wife but somehow these guys pull it off with these boxes. My wife and I had so much fun playing a game we got and it was good quality time together." –Ray, Cedar City, UT


"I've given my wife flowers before for no reason but to let her know I love her but that is about as creative as it got. I love this idea Good Husband Movement has to have a date night or activity in mind. It allows us to do fun new things together that I never would have thought of on my own"
–Connor, Boston, MA












"GOOD HUSBAND MOVEMENT! What a great idea! No more last minute gifts, strolling through store isles. I feel like I'm a pretty thoughtful husband but this definitely helps when things get crazy, especially with 3 kids and twins on the way. Maybe this will help with the random Amazon orders that come to my door. Now I will be the one who knows what is being delivered. LOL"
–Steve, Savannah, GA