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by Nic Koelliker June 04, 2018


Have sex with other women (without her permission)
Zone out when your wife is talking to you
Get mad at your wife for things you are guilty of...you hypocrite!
Do an open door deuce
Stare at hot women (you are going to notice…just don’t let her notice that you notice)
Spend hours playing fantasy football
Look at yourself in the mirror more than your wife does
Don’t wear a wedding ring
Look at porn
Give your career your full attention and give your wife half your attention
Look at your phone more than you look at your wife

bad husband
Spend hours playing video games (you are not 12 anymore)
Are a drunk
Are addicted to drugs
Think about having sex with other women
Lose all your money gambling
Think about thinking about having sex with other women
Don’t buy your wife a house, nice car, a boat, new clothes every week, jewelry, shoes, purses, make up, a second house, trips to Hawaii, cruises, and cash….just give her everything you have.
Talk bad about your wife’s friends
Talk bad about your wife’s family
Are not involved with the kids
Hit on or flirt with other women
Don’t text your wife to see how she is doing when you are at work
Do not change diapers
Have dirty underwear
Post selfies
Don’t have any goals
Insult your wife
Fart in front of your wife
Talk about your sex life with your friends (married dudes don’t do that)
Are a dirty slob
Give your wife a covered wagon
Are critical
Are controlling
Treat your wife like an object
Smell like a teenage boy who has yet to discover deodorant
Don’t give your wife any of your time
Use crude and dirty language 
Leave the toilet seat up (why can’t we get mad when they leave it down?)
Have unrealistic expectations
Lose your temper often
Lie about anything (Even eating the last of the Oreos)
Don’t flirt with your wife
Put people ahead of your wife
Expect your wife to do all of the cooking and cleaning (It is not 1950)

Make fun things boring
Are not willing to do what your wife wants to do
Take no interest in your wife’s interests
Don’t encourage your wife to pursue her dreams
Ignore your wife when she is sad
Refuse to watch the Bachelor with your wife
Don’t work hard
Don’t surprise your wife
Don’t cook for your wife
Don’t give your wife compliments
Say anything remotely close to suggesting that your wife is overweight or needs to work out.
Yell at your wife
Don’t listen to you wife
Complain a lot
Don’t care about your health or fitness
Always have to be right
Are dishonest
Have a man bun or a male tramp stamp…or a combination of both…yikes!
Are selfish
Are inconsiderate
Take your wife on a date to Village Inn
Are close minded
Are rude
Are arrogant
Listen to Nickelback
Bad husband
Are unreliable
Don’t let your wife go first…you know what I mean
Are entitled
Are lazy
Are immature
Golf every weekend
Never shut up
Never let your wife talk
Answer questions for your wife
Only think about your own future
Never say I’m sorry
Still rock cargo shorts
Don’t include your wife on major financing decisions
Don’t follow through on commitments
Don’t tell your wife what you like about her
Think American Pie is the greatest movie of all time
Don’t make any money
Never take your wife out
Ignore you kids
Rack up debt
Don’t keep your area clean…and by area I mean your cack n’ bulls
Are needy
Are jealous
Never serve others
Get into fist fights with other men (exception…when another man disrespects your wife)
Don’t open her door
Don’t have a blanket in every room of the house ready for your wife when she gets cold
Blame everything on everyone else
Don’t like the holidays
Spent time reading this instead of spending more time with your wife. Caught ya! Now go tell her that you are sorry for everything!

    Nic Koelliker
    Nic Koelliker


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