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Daily Marriage Tips

by Nic Koelliker September 20, 2017

Daily Marriage Tips - 50 Tips for a Better Marriage

Screen grab this! Look at it every morning and focus on just 1 tip a day to improve your marriage. Think about it throughout the day and take action to follow it. When you get through all of them, start over. Eventually you will do most of them automatically and you will be the best husband on the planet.

1. Listen to absorb, not to respond
2. Touch her more often
3. Agree to disagree
4. Buy her a small inexpensive gift
5. Be accountable for your role as the husband
6. Don’t try to change her. Love her for who she is
7. See a problem and fix it like your life depends on it (lack of intimacy, resentment, boredom, etc)
8. Stop placing blame
Advice for married couples
9. Recognize most arguments have shared responsibility. Try to understand her feelings.
10. Do your fair share
11. Put her before work, children, hobbies, etc
12. Make the regular more pleasurable. Put forth more effort
13. Be accountable. Don’t start a sentence with “you”
14. Do something FUN together
15. Get her perspective before you get angry
16. Make a list of the three happiest moments in your marriage
17. Tell her you love her more often
18. Say thank you more often
19. Compliment her everyday
20. Build a shared vision of your future together
21. Don’t blame or criticize
22. Take her on more dates
23. Learn Tantra
24. Spend more time together. Communicate more
25. Focus more on gratitude in your marriage 

Marriage Tips - The Second Half of the List

26. Let go of grudges. Don’t keep score
27. Be creative with your date nights
28. Check in on your relationship. Have frequent conversations to express thanks to one another
29. Take care of yourself. Keep yourself happy to keep your marriage happy
30. Treat her the way you want to be treated  
31. Show her respect
32. Learn more about each other. Ask questions at dinner or before bed.
33. Pursue connection over control
34. Go get ice cream. Go on a date that allows you to talk
Marriage Tip #34: Go out and get ice cream
35. Don’t forget about your wife during the busy times
36. Look into each other’s eyes for 5 minutes without talking
37. When you see her after work hug her for 60 seconds without saying anything
38. When you are angry express your feelings through communication
39. Do things to help her that she doesn’t expect
40. Give her your full attention when communicating. Put down the phone and look into her eyes
41. Don’t overreact. Life is long and things fade over time. Think before you react.
42. Show her that you trust her. Don’t micromanage her
43. When you are in a bad mood don’t take it out on her
44. When you are upset with her take a moment to write down 10 things you love about her
45. Support and assist to help her be the best she can be
46. Communicate to understand what you do that bothers her. Reassure her that you understand what it is she dislikes and work to improve it.
47. Accept her for who she is today
48. Face struggles together. Don’t retreat.
49. Stop complaining. Find a solution
50. Devote date night communication to only the positive. Celebrate your successes and your relationship

Nic Koelliker
Nic Koelliker


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