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by Nic Koelliker March 05, 2018


If you want a long and happy marriage, avoid doing anything on this list. 

  1. Tell her she has to cook you dinner every night100 ways to make your wife mad
  2. Laugh when your kids accidently insult her
  3. Refer to watching your own kids as “babysitting”
  4. Tell your wife about a gift you almost bought her
  5. Take away her credit card
  6. Set the thermostat below 80
  7. Expect her to be solely responsible for a clean house
  8. Listen to anything other than country music
  9. Snore
  10. Look at your phone when she is talking to you
  11. Take food from her plate
  12. Don’t let her take food from your plate after she orders a salad
  13. Shave using her sink and don’t clean it up
  14. Call her out on a fart
  15. When she asks what you want for dinner reply with, “Whatever you are making.”
  16. Take her on a date to a fast food restaurant
  17. Don’t get her a gift when she told you that you didn’t have to get her anything
  18. Plan a hunting trip on her birthday
  19. Refer to her as “woman”
  20. Buy anything expensive without talking to her first
  21. Complain about her texting too much
  22. Leave cabinets and drawers open and then open them again after she closes them
  23. Leave without her when she is taking too long to get ready
  24. Leave dirty dishes all over the house
  25. Ways to make your wife mad- Cook dinner and leave everything out for her to put away100 ways to upset your wife

  26. Don’t immediately respond to a text
  27. Sit on the couch and watch football anytime the house isn’t spotless and life isn’t perfect
  28. Ever say the words, “that is what women are supposed to do”
  29. Complain about her family
  30. Trash on her friends
  31. After she gets her hair done ask, “what did you do to your hair”
  32. Laugh when she says something intelligent
  33. Laugh when she is trying to have a serious conversation with you
  34. Invite friends over when the house is a mess
  35. Make macaroni and cheese or order pizza every time it is your turn to cook dinner
  36. Only give one word answers
  37. Change the channel when she is watching TV
  38. Reply to her with, “that’s what you think”
  39. Eat the icing out of the Oreo cookies and put them back in the tray
  40. Make her do all of the yard work
  41. Criticize her favorite romance movie
  42. Come home from work and ask, “what do you do here all day”
  43. Flirt with the waitress….or any other breathing woman.
  44. Quit your job without telling her
  45. Sing opera
  46. Interrupt her
  47. Buy her a treadmill or a vacuum as a gift
  48. Invite your mother to come live with you
  49. Put empty containers back in the fridge or pantry
  50. How to make your wife angry- Buy junk food when she is on a dietHow to make your wife upset

  51. Get mad at her for buying junk food when you are on a diet
  52. Yell across the house when you want something and are too lazy to get up
  53. Say the words, “I don’t feel like it”
  54. Use the word fat in any fashion when your wife is pregnant
  55. Steering wheel drum
  56. Drop the kids off at the pool with the door open
  57. When she walks in the room instantly close the laptop
  58. Drive like you are in the Fast and the Furious
  59. Refuse to let another driver beat you off the line…even if you are driving a minivan
  60. Use her social media accounts
  61. Never make eye contact with her family
  62. Put your shoes on the kitchen table or counter
  63. Go for a ten mile run and then try to seduce her without showering first
  64. Argue with her about anything
  65. Say the words, “you are wrong”
  66. Tell her when something reminds you of your ex
  67. Talk too soft
  68. Fill in the blank with anything “all women are____”
  69. When she asks you to do something say, “you have legs”
  70. Tell her she is a bad cook
  71. Mumble
  72. Say, “I wonder where they get that from” when the kids do something annoying
  73. Smile at a random woman
  74. Hide the book she is in the middle of
  75. Ways to annoy your wife- Hang up without saying I love you or even saying goodbyeWays to make your wife angry

  76. Pout like a little boy
  77. Imitate what she says in an annoying voice
  78. Come back from the store with junk food and forget to get the one thing she sent you there for in the first place
  79. Take a picture of her while she is sleeping
  80. Swap her best friends number with her mother’s number on her phone.
  81. Record scary noises on your phone. Hide your phone near her bed and play it when she's sleeping
  82. When she asks you to take a picture of her with her phone, switch to the front camera and click your own selfies. A hundred of them. While she's busy posing.
  83. Pretend to be asleep and dirty talk with your imaginary girlfriend.
  84. Cheat on her in her dream. This is hard to do but you will do it and she will get mad at you for it.
  85. Read the last chapter of the book she is reading and then write the surprise ending with a sharpie on a page in the middle.
  86. Refer to an actress that looks nothing like your wife as being hot
  87. After she orders food ask, “are you sure?”
  88. Clip your toenails next to her on the couch while she is watching a cooking show
  89. Go to the gym with her and then after she gets going on the elliptical disappear to the massage chair to watch ESPN
  90. Listen to music that degrades women because you dig the club beat
  91. Refuse to clean the shower or the toilets
  92. Refuse to investigate a scary noise in the middle of the night
  93. Casually pinch her boob and wink as you pass her in the house
  94. Get a hot young female personal trainer
  95. Hide one of her shoes…not the pair….just one shoe
  96. Burp or fart in front of her
  97. Criticize her in anyway on social media
  98. Post a picture of her on social media without her approval
  99. Refuse to change diapers
  100. Act like you are going to die when you have a cold

If you do anything on this list, do your wife a favor and sign up for Good Husband Movement today. 

Nic Koelliker
Nic Koelliker


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