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by Nic Koelliker March 13, 2018


Get your calendar out and start penciling in these 10 things! A good husband plans things in advance. Set reminders in your phone if you need to. 

1. Take a trip alone with her- You need time alone together. More importantly you need to have new adventures together. Stop talking about all the fun you had before you had kids and book a vacation for just the two of you!


2. Make a big deal about her birthday- This is her day. She shares Mother's day with all of the other mothers. She shares Christmas and Valentines! Her birthday is a day to celebrate and be thankful for her alone. Do something to show her how thankful you are for her existence and how much you love her. 

3. Give her a weekend away- Everybody need time for themselves every now and then. Maybe she needs a weekend away from everyday life to recharge. Maybe she needs some time with her friends. Offer to take care of the kids for an entire weekend and let her go and do whatever she wants.

4. Get dressed up (suit & tie) and take her on a date- When was the last time you took your wife on a classy date? Go out to a 5 star restaurant, go to a Broadway show, and maybe even book a hotel room downtown for the night. Show her that you still know a thing or two about romance. 


5. Pray continually for her and with her- Maybe you believe in a higher power and maybe you don't but every good husband wants what is best for his wife. Prayer can be a great way to acknowledge that; especially when you pray together. Show her that you care for her more than you care for yourself.  

6. Take her to the place of your first date- It is good to remember the past. Remind her how and when you fell in love. Maybe instead of the place you took her on your first date you take her to the place you had your wedding reception or the place you expressed your love for the first time. Never forget how happy you were to find each other. 

7. Give her a week off from "mom duties"- It is easy for a woman to forget who she is when devoting 100% of her time to your kids. Give her a week of being "off duty". You get the kids ready for school, you take them to soccer practice and piano lessons, you help them with their homework. Let your wife relax for the week. Let her go out with her friends. Let her go hiking, running, or let her sit on the porch to read. Just let her focus on herself for a week, without having to worry about "mom duties". 

8. Take her to a show- This does not mean to take her to the new Avengers or Star Wars movie. Take her to a show with real people standing on the stage! Take her to a play, a musical, or a comedy show. Do something different.

9. Write a love letter to her- Not a text or an email! Hand write a love letter to her. Express your love and let her know how thankful you are for her. Write about the things you love about her that nobody else has the privilege of knowing. Let her know how much of a difference she makes in your life and in in the life of your children. Let her know what she does or who she is that makes you proud to be her husband. 

10. Give her a head to toe massage without expecting anything- This one is easier said than done...especially if your wife is smokin' hot! Resist the temptation and just give! Don't think about getting anything in return. Only focus on giving what she needs. 





Nic Koelliker
Nic Koelliker


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